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Step 1) Install

Step 2) For existing HLSL files in your project just set the Custom Tool property to ShaderEffectGenerator.


Step 3) For any new HLSL files in your project you'll want to select the WPF Shader Effect File


Step 4) Use a triple slash comments to add additional metadata information to the effect the generation of the code. They are all optional.

/// <description>A simple color blending shader for WPF.</description>
/// <target>WPF</target>
/// <profile>ps_2_0</profile>
/// <DdxUvDdyUvRegisterIndex>-1</DdxUvDdyUvRegisterIndex>

// Constants

/// <summary>The brightness offset.</summary>
/// <type>Color</type>
/// <defaultValue>255,0,0,0</defaultValue>
float4 BlendColor : register(c0);

// Samplers

/// <summary>The implicit input sampler passed into the pixel shader by WPF.</summary>
/// <samplingMode>Auto</samplingMode>
sampler2D Input : register(s0);

// Pixel Shader

float4 main(float2 uv : TEXCOORD) : COLOR
    // TODO: add your pixel shader code here.
    return BlendColor * BlendColor.a + tex2D(Input, uv) * (1.0 - BlendColor.a);

File Tags

Tag Options Description
description ... The description of the shader, this will appear in a summary comment on the generated ShaderEffect class.
profile ps_2_0, ps_3_0 The shader model version to use when compiling the shader, ps{_}2{_}0 is the default.
target WPF, Silverlight The target platform for the ShaderEffect, this affects what types and features are available, WPF is the default.
DdxUvDdyUvRegisterIndex ... The register index to use for the partial derivatives of the texture coordinates with respect to screen space. -1 is the default.

Register Tags

Tag Options Description
summary ... The text you want to appear inside the summary comment that is generated in the code.
samplingMode Auto, NearestNeighbor, Bilinear The texture sampling mode to use, this is only valid on samplers, Auto is the default.
type (bool) (int, uint, sbyte, byte, char, short, ushort, long, ulong) (float, double) (Point, Size, Vector) (Point3D, Vector3D) (Point4D, Color) The type you would like to override the default generated type that is exposed to C#, the ones in bold in a group represent the default for that set.
defaultValue bool = (true, false), float = ..., float[] = ...,... The default value to set for the register when the C# code is generated.

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Great for designing effects.