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Project Description
The WPF ShaderEffect Generator is an integration to Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 to automatically generate the (C#) code-behind ShaderEffect classes for shader (*.fx) files in your project as well as compile the *.fx file in your project and add the resulting pixel shader as a resource so that it can be loaded by WPF when needed.

After installing you should find a new "WPF Shader Effect File" item template. If you have existing HLSL files that you would like to start doing this for, just select the .fx file and set the CustomTool property to ShaderEffectGenerator. See the Documentation for more information.

Also for anyone that uses Shazzam the comment syntax that is used to set different default values or add comments...etc is the same. So you should be able to use any of their syntax to assist the generator create the correct code for you. There are only a few differences in the number of tags supported, only because I can get that information from other locations (such as the namespace to generate the code in). In any event, I'm hoping to keep both projects interoperable so that you can use their tool to test your shaders.

You do NOT need to have the DirectX SDK installed to use this project

If you need syntax highlighting for HLSL in Visual Studio I highly recommend NShader

Silverlight is supported in theory; if anyone runs into a problem using this for Silverlight let me know.

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